Wildlife photography hides in Dumfries & Galloway

Are you a wildlife photographer? While you are staying at Hazyview, we offer the use of local wildlife photography hides upon request. The hides are all within a half-hour drive and can be pre booked to coincide with your stay. Guests self-drive to the location to be met by the owner and escorted to the hide. All the hides are equipped with comfortable seating and are set up specifically for wildlife photography. Please contact us to reserve your session.

Woodland hide: £75 per person per day

Set in an ancient forest, this two person hide overlooks a clearing amongst the trees, allowing sunshine to penetrate this otherwise dark and shady area. Backgrounds consist of dense pine trees and many species visit to enjoy the well-maintained food supply. Species often include buzzard, sparrowhawk, jay, greater-spotted woodpecker and nuthatch. Red squirrels love the spot and will provide virtually non-stop entertainment throughout the day. There are many squirrel perches and a squirrel jump is set up right in front of the hide. A lens of 300-500mm is ideal  and a tripod is not needed, as there are two metal base plates to attach a gimbal or ball head. Or bring your own beanbag.

Red Squirrel hide:

£50 per person per day

Who doesn't love a red squirrel? These adorable creatures are everyone's favourite and wildlife photographers can't get enough of them. Whether it's their bushy tails, ear tufts or just their hilarious antics, they surely must be a contender for cutest animal on the planet.

The hide is set on the edge of a deep forest, ensuring a dark and atmospheric background; perfect for red squirrel photography.

The hide seats two, or three at a push. A lens of 300-500mm is ideal and you will need to bring your own tripod or beanbag.

Roe deer & fox hide:

£45 per person per half day

Situated on a private nature reserve, this two person hide overlooks open fields surrounded by woodland, providing a perfect habitat for the roe deer that roam this area.

In particular, a field of yellow ragwort directly in front of the hide is a particular attraction not just to the deer, but for photographers seeking those 'environmental' portraits.

Woodland and meadow birds are often present and if you're lucky, you might even get a visit from one of the resident foxes.

Long lenses and a tripod or beanbag are needed. The animals sometimes come close, but are more often seen at distance, so the best approach is to aim for the 'bigger' picture' that shows the species in context with it's natural environment.

Sessions are 6-11am and 12-5pm.